Emil and Felix: Life on the Organic Farm

Every residence has its emblem and for our little Green Hotel, our mascots are our most distinctive family members. It is hardly possible to imagine the Pennhof farm without the friendly barking of our dog Felix and the kindness of our donkey Emil. They have already brought much joy to our family and our guests on the organic farm for many years and will hopefully be with us for many more.

About a Real Smart Ass!

Our Emil is 3 years old now and really loves the attention of guests. Contrary to well-known clichés about his breed, our Emil is a kind and extremely smart animal who is loved by people outside of our organic farm as well.

A Dog's Life at Pennhof

Our dog Felix (Latin for the Happy) is a Border Collie and has recently been part of the Pennhof animal family. Felix is looking after the goats, pigs and chickens and accompanies his owner in the summer on the mountain pasture.
Felix came as a puppy from a sheep farmer from the Eggental to the Pennhof and lives here now really "happy" at the side of its owner.

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