From the Siusi Alpine Pasture to the Gardena Valley

The enchanting Siusi Alpine pasture is a green paradise, popular among both locals and visitors. Known as the biggest single high plateau in Europe, there are broad meadows at the foot of the impressive Sciliar mountain summit. In summer, the lush green pastures are an incentive for long hikes while they become a romantic snowy landscape and ski resort in winter. In order to preserve the topography of the area, the Siusi Alpine pasture is only reachable by cable car or shuttle bus.

The Tales of the Sciliar Witches

According to many tales and legends, the Sciliar witches meet on top of the Sciliar mountain ridge to dance and whirl around a giant fire, conjuring roaring thunderstorms with their shrieking spells.

Gardena Valley, Home of Pioneer Luis Trenker

Gardena Valley is natural and rustic yet quite modern at the same time. The valley stretches along the center of the Dolomites and includes the villages Ortisei, Santa Cristina and Selva. It is renowned worldwide for its spectacular ski resorts such as the Sella Ronda as well as the traditional wood-carving crafts of the locals. Gardena Valley (Gherdëina in Ladin) is one of the few valleys where the ancient Romansh language Ladin is still spoken.

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