Reiki - Pure relaxation. An absolute highlight at the Pennhof.

With Dr Baumgartner Renate, Reiki master, social and life counsellor, but also herbalist, we offer Reiki throughout the season, but also, depending on the programme (see our offers), Qi Gong, meditation and herbal discovery hike according to availability.
But what is Reiki?
Are you wondering what Reiki actually is? Until recently, we didn't know either. But as we are very curious, we were immediately convinced when Dr Baumgartner offered us a trial treatment. Reiki, as 'universal life energy', is a method of gentle laying on of hands. It has a detoxifying, circulation-stimulating, relaxing and balancing effect and is perfect for reducing stress, finding inner peace and releasing blockages.
Do you feel that Reiki is for you? Then join us at the Pennhof and book your Reiki lesson directly on site. All information is available at the Pennhof reception.
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