A Children's Zoo – Nature within Arm’s Reach!

An Experience for the Whole Family

Aside from our domestic animal friends Felix the dog and Emil the donkey, all other four-legged residents at the Pennhof Farm enjoy the enthusiastic attention of children. During their stay on the farm, the little adventurers will become acquainted with our pot-bellied pig-couple, Bob and Rita, as well as Sterni, the dwarf goat and her family.


Is when the pastures on the Pennhof farm turn into a grazing-ground for wild animals. You’ll see stags and deer as they feed on the pastures.

Something Worth Knowing

Knowing how to approach animals helps children enhance their emotional and social skills. Animals are highly intuitive creatures capable of understanding out humans, irrespective of who they are. Spending time with them promotes a sense of responsibility and enhances cognitive skills.

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