Regional and Local Produce

Healthy, Colorful Vegetables

We grow a wide variety of vegetables in our garden. Apart from the local lettuces, zucchini and tomatoes, we cultivate more exotic vegetables such as Jerusalem artichokes, Chinese artichokes as well as purple carrots, adding color and unique flavor to every plate.

Organic Beef – Our Specialty

The species-appropriate husbandry that we practice means that our cattle are free-range and feed on grass on the nearby high Alpine pastures. This ensures that our sumptuous organic beef is of the highest quality. Pennhof farm also supplies organic beef to the local market.

The Region’s Best

As an organic farm we actively support the farmers in our district and purchase fresh, high quality local produce from them for our use.

High Quality Regional Wines

Due to its mild climate, South Tyrol produces excellent, top quality local varietals. You will discover a wide range of fine wines from South Tyrol, paired with our culinary delicacies.

Gift Certificate - Make your Loved Ones Smile

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Giving gifts
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