Immerse Yourself in a Traditional Wooden Swimming Pool

After a long hike or biking tour there is no better way of invigorating the body and mind than to immerse yourself in a cool water pool. At the Pennhof Green Hotel, you can relax at the swimming pool all day long and enjoy the fantastic scenery in the garden. We of course pay great attention to the naturalness and eco-compatibility of our hotel facilities. In fact, the Pennhof Green Hotel is the first in South Tyrol with a natural wood, 100% chemical-free swimming pool.

Crystal Clear Water, No Chemicals

To obtain the purest water best suited for the body, we avoid the use of any chemicals. Instead, we use approved eco-filters and a natural self-cleaning system to produce clean water for our natural pool.

A Wooden Pool?

The idea of a natural wooden swimming pool comes from Venice. This lagoon city was built 1,500 years ago on wooden piles which remain standing until this day, thus proving harmony between wood and water. Like Venice, our wooden pool lies completely submerged beneath the water and is hermetically sealed, ensuring optimal thermal insulation and preventing rot.

Gift Certificate - Make your Loved Ones Smile

A Gift of Happiness. A Gift of Serenity. A Gift of Time to enjoy.
Surprise your loved ones with a Pennhof Gift Voucher.

Giving gifts
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