Parents Under the Gazebo, Children in the Playground!

There are countless ways to enjoy your stay at the Pennhof. Those who wish to take it easy can relax with a good book under the gazebo or just meditate to the scenic view of the Alpine landscape. And the kids? They’ll enjoy playing all day long in our natural playground!

Exercise for the Children

Activities such as running, jumping, balancing, climbing or cart wheeling are all essential for the development of childern, promoting motor reflexes and coordination while strengthening bones and muscles. Playing in the fresh air also helps strengthen their immune system, satisfying their emotional needs and sense of curiosity.

A Children's Playground

Children love the green, varied landscape of our playground paradise! There is an adventure-playground on the grounds of the organic farm, which includes slides, swings and a sandbox.

Gift Certificate - Make your Loved Ones Smile

A Gift of Happiness. A Gift of Serenity. A Gift of Time to enjoy.
Surprise your loved ones with a Pennhof Gift Voucher.

Giving gifts
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