Hiking Trails around Pennhof

The Chestnut Trail

The Chestnut Trail is a mountain trail that runs along the colorful and romantic chestnut woods in the Isarco Valley. As the name implies, this trail is characterized by magnificent chestnut trees adorning the route. You can start this hiking tour directly at the Pennhof Eco Hotel.

The Emperor's Trail (Kaiserweg)

Long ago, the German Emperors crossed the valley along this historic route on their way through the Alps. Today, hikers of all ages can embark on an imperial hike that passes directly by the Pennhof Eco Hotel.

Saubacher Round Path

The Saubacher round trip is an easy hiking trail for the whole family. It starts in the center of Barbiano, crosses the Chestnut Trail and leads through unspoiled forests to the small village of Saubach.

The Plum Tree Trail (Zwetschgenweg)

The Plum Tree Trail is an old hiking path along an equally old grove of plum trees which, like the chestnut trees, are indigenous to this area. The trail is beautiful in Spring and Fall, when the locals celebrate the harvest of both chestnuts and plums.

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