An Excursion to the mountain pastures of the environment

The geographical center of South Tyrol

The "Königslacken", the waterholes near the Totenkirchlein on Villander’s mountain pasture are considered the center of South Tyrol. You can walk directly from the Pennhof to the geographical center of South Tyrol with breath-taking panoramic views and many varied hiking facilities.

Villanderer Alm Circular Hike

The circular hike of the Villanderer Alm promises wonderful panoramic views. Along the trail you can find the Funeral chapel, the Schwarzsee and the Rinderplatzmoor. For further information do not hesitate to contact our staff.

The Odle/Geisler at Funes Valley

Directly from the Funes Valley you can explore the mountain massif Odle/Geisler - a wonderful experience. The Odle/Geisler group is known as the most beautiful massif of the Dolomites. Along the route you will find numerous wonderful restaurants.

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