Mystic Places around the Green Hotel


Today, tourists and locals hike along the cobbled slope up to the Barbiano Alpine pasture. It is hard to believe that mountain farmers once carried heavy loads up these steep slopes.

Cobbled Path

A wonderfully quaint cobbled path extends in the direction of the Alpine pastures. Once upon a time, it was a difficult task for humans and animals to ascend but today, it is a silent, mysterious witness to an era of unique character.

Water Well

There is a small, mysterious well by the wayside where hikers can collect some refreshing water during the journey and recharge their batteries.


At Groaßoach, there is a trail route carved from hard rock, which allows for a wonderful view of the valley during the hike.

A Stone Slide

About five meters above the ground of smooth porphyry rock, a dark colored furrow leads downhill. What was the purpose of this slide in ancient times?

Forest at the Cup-Marked Stones

After some cobbled and bumpy paved paths, you reach the forest at the cup-marked stones, a pleasant site with a special atmosphere.

Cup-Marked Stones

Along the traveler's path, spherically-polished porphyry rocks suddenly appear on the ground. Are these natural formations or relics from a long-gone culture?

Views of Chiusa

At this height on the hiking trail, you get far-reaching views over the valley of Barbiano despite the dense collection of trees. The view goes from Barbiano to Chiusa and the Monte Pascolo Peak.

A Wall in the Forest

On the return trip, the path is obstructed by a low wall through the forest. The unusual construction method raises additional questions such as: what was the purpose of this atypical ancient wall amidst the trees?

The Way Back

Menhir-like rocks overgrown with moss and lichen adorn the route and give the mysterious tour a special aura before explorers eventually return to the Pennhof Eco Hotel.

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