Emil (Smart donkey) Tuesday, 17. 02. 2015

A donkey's life

Hi, my name is Emil. Actually it’s not neccessary for me to introduce myself because I am already pretty famous outside of the Pennhof. Nevertheless, I would to like to take this opportunity to tell you about what happens at and around the Green Hotel.

Three years ago I was born on a farm in Lajon. Already as a young foal I used to love the nature and to run around the green grasslands nearby. When I was finally old enough to discover the world on my own, I met my buddy Elmar. I have to mention that I prefer the word friend rather than owner… it was friendship at first sight. Only a few months later, I knew that I would stay by Elmar’s side for many years. I gave my biggest donkey-promise. Me and my fellows are able to reach a ripe age of 35 years, giving plenty of time for exciting adventures on the hills of Pennhof in Barbiano. People say that donkeys are considered to be dumb animals. I remember two people arguing one da, and the one person accused the other as being a “dumb ass”. To be honest, this accusation is just not true. We are very intelligent animals indeed! For hundreds of years we have accompanied humans and done hard work for them, probably because they are not willing or not strong enough to handle things on their own. We carry heavy objects, pull ploughs and do many other things. If we were that dumb, we wouldn’t be able to manage these tasks!

My life at the Pennhof is very exciting. I have a lot of friends such as Alex, who takes care of the Green Hotel despite his old age. Bob and Rita the pot-bellied pigs along with the dwarf goat Sterni are also some of my closest friends here. Even though we are different animals, we get along perfectly and tell each funny stories from the farm. We of course enjoy being cuddled too, especially from our little guests who come to visit us at the Pennhof and bring some nibbles along.

Every year in autumn I look forward to Elmar sending me on vacation. I’ve heard that farmers in our region dream about having donkeys like me. Therefore they would like me to pass on my genes to the next generation of donkeys. People even hope that there will be a second little Emil one day.
Even if I meet many interesting people along the way, I always look forward to getting back home after my adventures as I miss my friends from the Green Hotel. I can’t wait for the springtime to come, when I can finally play outside in the meadows with all my friends.

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