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Did you know that the Pennhof produces its own organic farm products? And the great thing is that there is something for everyone.
The shop
Charcuterie and cheese
Gourmets will be pleased to know that the philosophy of 'Everything the forest gives us!' also applies to our charcuterie products. For example, our bacon and salami are ennobled with stone pine. But also our lamb lard and ham, Kaminwurzen sausages and various types of cheese are a joy for the palate and the eyes: All natural, uncured and preservative-free.
The shop
Homemade chocolate, jams and juices
The gourmands among you can enjoy without remorse because at the Pennhof you can even make your own chocolate. The wonderful thing about our chocolate is that the cocoa beans are only dried and not roasted. This means that they retain all their natural active ingredients that are valuable for health. There are also various jams and juices just waiting to be enjoyed.
Herb salts and vegan cosmetic

Fancy more variety in your home kitchen? Hobby cooks can find different spices, herb salts and pickles to perfect their dishes.

Natural and vegan cosmetic products for face and body complete our offer.

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